Weather Information
Occasionally it becomes necessary to adjust school opening and closing times or close school entirely because of unsafe weather conditions. In view of the number of people affected, Accomack school administrators have developed consistent procedures for decision-making and notification. Throughout the year, school officials stay in close contact with the Virginia State Police and the Accomack County Sheriff's Department to keep abreast of potentially dangerous weather conditions.

Parents and students should monitor radio and television stations whenever weather conditions threaten. The following stations are regularly notified:


  • WVES (99.3 FM)
  • WOLC (102.5 FM)
  • WESR (103.3 FM)
  • WQHQ (104.7 FM)


  • Channel 3/Cable 3 (WTKR)
  • Channel 16/Cable 6 (WBOC)
  • Channel 10/Cable 10 (WAVY)


In closings involving ice, snow, or fog, school officials will strive toward public notification by 6:30 a.m. unless rapidly changing conditions prevent a decision by that time. The administration realizes the numerous problems for parents when a change in routine occurs and every attempt is made to provide sufficient time for the necessary changes in family schedule.

Instant Messaging service

Accomack County Public School system has contracted a voice message service to deliver pre-recorded warning messages to all parents and staff members. The messages notify parents of emergencies, late openings, early dismissals, and school closings.

When such an event occurs, you will receive a phone call from the School Board Office. The number on your caller ID will be (757) 787-5754. From this number, you will be notified of the alert. All staff and students are provided this service free of charge.

If you have any other questions, please call Jeanne Lawrence, School Safety Analyst, at (757) 787-4649.